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Our history

Some of our robots in previous Robocons:

  • Robocon 2016

Autonomous Eco Robot with environmentally adapted steering and braking actuators, powered by Autonomous Hybrid Robot achieving full task in 38s during rehearsal:

  • Robocon 2015

Autonomous Badminton Robot featuring real-time GPU accelerated 3D image processing and online shuttlecock trajectory estimation algorithm:

Award History of our team

  • 2004: Domestic contest: Champion
  • 2005: Domestic contest: First Runner-up
  • 2006: Domestic contest: Champion, Best Engineering Award, Best Artistic Design Award
  • 2007: Domestic contest: Champion
  • 2009: International contest: First Runner-up, Best Artistic Design Award, Domestic contest: Champion
  • 2015: Domestic contest: Second Runner-up
  • 2016: Domestic contest: Best Artistic Design Award
  • 2017: Domestic contest: Second Runner-up

Videos of previous years robots

You can also watch some YouTube videos of our team taking part in the 2009 Tokyo competition, 2014, 2015 and 2017 domestic competitions.