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Our history

Some of our robots in previous Robocons:

  • Robocon 2016

Autonomous Eco Robot with environmentally adapted steering and braking actuators, powered by Autonomous Hybrid Robot achieving full task in 38s during rehearsal:

  • Robocon 2015

Autonomous Badminton Robot featuring real-time GPU accelerated 3D image processing and online shuttlecock trajectory estimation algorithm:

Award History of our team

  • 2004: Domestic contest: Champion
  • 2005: Domestic contest: First Runner-up
  • 2006: Domestic contest: Champion, Best Engineering Award, Best Artistic Design Award
  • 2007: Domestic contest: Champion
  • 2009: International contest: First Runner-up, Best Artistic Design Award, Domestic contest: Champion
  • 2014: Domestic contest: Second Runner-up
  • 2015: Domestic contest: Second Runner-up
  • 2016: Domestic contest: Best Artistic Design Award
  • 2017: Domestic contest: Second Runner-up
  • 2019: Domestic contest: First Runner-up
  • 2022: Domestic contest: Second Runner-up and Best Performance Award
  • 2023: Domestic contest: First and Second Runner-Up, plus Best Performance Award

Videos of previous years robots

You can also watch some YouTube videos of our team taking part in the 2009 Tokyo competition, 2014, 2015 and 2017 domestic competitions.